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These are basic explanations to help us start you and your dog on the most successful breeding path! 

At Subzero Reproduction, we are confident that you can TRUST us to offer you the absolute best in service and technology…the difference is in the details.

Please do not hesitate to call us with any questions so that we can discuss your dog’s particular breeding needs.

We have tried to offer as much information as possible for each of our services here so that you can understand what your dog may need and how we can help you.  Each dog/bitch and breeding situation is different…one size DOES NOT FIT ALL so to speak.

canine semen freezing - Subzero Reproduction Canine Reproduction Services

Semen Cryopreservation (freezing) and Storage

Our team specializes in semen cryopreservation (freezing) and storage for dog breeders. Our expertise lies in using various extenders, careful freezing methods, and proper storage procedures to ensure successful thawing, preservation, and breeding.

Frozen dog sperm storage tubes - Subzero Reproduction Canine Reproduction Services

Semen Shipping (Cooled semen)

We offer the most economical and the safest possible way to ship cooled semen anywhere in the world.  We offer multiple extenders as well, not all dogs do well with the same extender.

All of our shipments get a full semen report from our iSperm for you and your client so that you can be confident in your personal business transactions regarding your stud.

Progesterone - Subzero Reproduction Canine Reproduction Services

Progesterone Testing

Same day in-house blood test

Progesterone timing and testing is the single most helpful tool in a successful breeding and whelping.  Timing is EVERYTHING when it comes to breeding and whelping dates.

We strongly encourage progesterone testing starting at 5-6 days from the first sign of your bitch being in season.   Ideally, we like to see a pre-ovulation number, a number near ovulation, and a number confirming that your bitch followed through with ovulation and showed evidence that she continued to rise in progesterone.

So much weight is often put on numbers; but it is important to understand that once your female has ovulated the numbers mean MUCH less.  Timing from ovulation is KEY in planning breedings and the best breeding methods.  We cannot express the importance of proper progesterone testing for your breeding success! 

We have two different machines running at Subzero.  They are carefully calibrated regularly and are always up to date on routine maintenance done by laboratory technicians for those specific machines. 

Progesterone - Subzero Reproduction Canine Reproduction Services

Semen Evaluation (iSperm)

We use the iSperm for all our semen evaluations stand alone or in conjunction with another service.

This portable computer assisted sperm analysis is new technology and at the top of its class!  It offers many advantages to you and your stud dog including its ability to chart your dog’s semen collection history.

For more information and for those of you that find this sort of thing as fascinating as we do, check it out here:

Progesterone - Subzero Reproduction Canine Reproduction Services

LH (Luteinizing Hormone) Testing

LH testing is under-utilized blood test that allows us the ability to further pinpoint the exact time of ovulation- THE MOST IMPORTANT DETAIL in breeding and often in planning for whelp.

Artificial Insemination - Subzero Reproduction Canine Reproduction Services

Artificial Insemination

This includes and semen evaluation as well as proper AI technique.

This is a fairly simple procedure, but we have sadly seen these go terribly wrong when attempted by inexperienced (and experienced) individuals who have caused injury to a female or the end of her potential to breed. Please have your AI’s done by a licensed veterinary professional.

Transcervical Insemination for Dogs - TCI - Canine reproductive services - Subzero Reproduction Canine Reproduction Services

Transcervical Insemination

TCI’s done well and correctly can be an invaluable breeding resource.  It is much less invasive than a surgical implant where you must worry about all the dangers that go with anesthesia and full abdominal surgery.   We have over two decades of experience performing transcervical inseminations.  We use the best scope in the business made by Karl Storz for optimal performance and success.

We invite your questions and will always allow you to be present so long as it is in the best interest of your pet.

A TCI is only as good as the technician or doctor performing it.  The discrepancy of the skill level in individuals performing TCI’s is EXTREME.  We consider ourselves some of the very best at this procedure and we have been involved in the training and education for local veterinarians and technicians.  

X-ray of dog pelvis - Subzero Reproduction Canine Reproduction Services
X-Ray of a Pregnant Dachsund dog - Subzero Reproduction Canine Reproduction Services

We are proud to offer state of the art Idexx radiology technology and equipment, which allows the clearest of images to be provided to our clientele. This is especially helpful when needing to determine final puppy count prior to whelp. 

We are also proud to offer OFA (Orthopedic Foundation for Animals) image submissions.  This is a requirement amongst many AKC breed clubs and may include several different image types such as:

      • Hips
      • Elbows
      • Trachea
      • Shoulder

Please call ahead to verify availability.  In most cases, we are able to accommodate same day scheduling, but want to make sure we are able to dedicate all the time necessary to obtain excellent images.

Please visit for more information on specific breed diagnostic imaging

Ultrasound Scan - Subzero Reproduction Canine Reproduction Services

Ultrasound imaging can be a great tool when confirming pregnancy 28-35 days post breeding.  This is a painless and very comfortable diagnostic to have done and it allows you to be apart of the experience, too!  We are able to take photos and video of the ultrasound and send directly to you in a matter of minutes.  

Celebrating successful breedings is one of our most favorite things to do with you; so helping you share that moment with prospective new homes awaiting the arrival of your litter makes it all that more eventful and special.

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We are confident that you can TRUST us to offer you the absolute best in service and technology…the difference is in the details.