Dog Sperm Freezing and Storage. Cryopreservation services at Subzero Canine Reproduction.

Dog Sperm Freezing: Preserving Your Canine’s Genetics

At Subzero Canine Reproduction, we understand the importance of preserving your beloved canine’s genetic legacy through semen cryopreservation (dog sperm freezing) and proper storage. Our expertise in working with multiple extenders and freezing processes sets us apart in ensuring successful outcomes. With a deep appreciation for our clientele’s passion for their dogs, we take pride in offering a comprehensive solution for freezing and storing canine semen.

Semen Cryopreservation and Storage: Preserving the Legacy

The process of freezing canine semen is more than simply freezing, it involves meticulous attention to detail. Success in preserving the sperm depends on using the right techniques, as they can make a significant difference when it comes to thawing and storing safely. 

We value your investment in preserving the future of your special dogs and understand the emotions attached to this process. Our team is dedicated to ensuring proper storage by diligently monitoring our tanks’ parameters daily, and we maintain meticulous records to guarantee the safety of your dog’s semen for effective reproduction.

Getting Started: Account Setup and AKC Registration

To begin the sperm freezing process with Subzero, an account/file setup fee will be required, along with an AKC registration/paperwork fee. If your dog hasn’t been DNA tested with the American Kennel Club yet, we offer you the convenience of a swab during your appointment. The initial freezing fee includes the first year of storage, ensuring your dog’s semen remains protected and accessible.

Yearly Storage and Pricing

For subsequent years, a yearly storage fee will be charged per dog to continue safeguarding your investment. The pricing structure varies based on the number of breedings your dog produces. The first four breedings are included in the base freezing cost, while each additional breeding incurs an additional fee. We offer transparent pricing to facilitate your decision-making process.

Using Frozen Semen for Canine Breeding

Using frozen sperm for breeding can be a sensitive process, and many breeders may not fully understand its nuances. At Subzero, we have extensive experience in using frozen semen and have achieved great success in this area. When used correctly and timed appropriately, we confidently offer Transcervical Insemination (TCI) as an option for using frozen semen. For breeders opting to use the frozen semen elsewhere, we provide detailed instructions to ensure seamless and successful procedures.


At Subzero, we share your passion for preserving the genetic legacy of your dogs. Our expertise in dog sperm freezing and storage, coupled with our commitment to excellent customer service, sets us apart as the go-to destination for cryopreservation services. With a focus on attention to detail, transparent pricing, and extensive experience in working with frozen semen, we are confident in our ability to provide the best possible service to you and your beloved canines.

Entrust your dog’s genetic potential to the experts and preserve your dog’s legacy for generations to come. Contact us today about our canine sperm freezing and storage services.